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Organic Soy

Organic Soy


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Our Garu Soy is Organic non GMO premium whole soybean powder that is processed with traditional and thoughtful methods of slow preparation** to deliver you the best quality soy powder available. This is not your ordinary soy! This creamy blend is a healthy soy milk mix or smoothie boost. Enjoy hot or cold.  NET WT. 180g (6oz.)

Ingredients : Organic premium non GMO Soybean 

Benefits :

• Perfect healthy alternative to dairy • complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids • Low in saturated fat • No cholesterol  • Excellent source of fibre and iron  • Rich and creamy • Gluten Free  • Lactose free • Filler and additives free • Organic • Vegan • Non dairy  • Non GMO

**Soy is one of nature's most bio-chemically complex plant foods. Like other beans, as well as grains, soybeans contain many anti-nutrients in its dry raw form. These natural toxins are part of the plant's “personal defense system”, and also lie at the heart of many anti soy arguments. Yet when unlocked correctly through fermentation or proper, thorough cooking, soy's undesirable properties are negated and its protein, antioxidants, and overall nutritional profile are exceptionally nourishing. The problem with most modern soy food is that the traditional, thoughtful methods of preparation are skipped in favour of more economical shortcuts. The trend in food processing for decades has been to exploit soy as a cheap protein source, and in recent years as a health food. This is absurd, because the cheap and easy methods not only employ toxic chemicals, GEOs, etc. but also fail to destroy soy's natural toxicity because they use dry processing or improper cooking rather than fermentation or thorough cooking.

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