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Why us?

The power of the bean

Nutritious pulse powder for a sustainable future:

  • CLIMATE SMART pulse, the dry seeds of legumes, are the lowest carbon footprint food that reduce greenhouse gases, self-fertilize, boost soil biodiversity and use less water than other crops. We take sustainability seriously.

  • HERITAGE SMART preparation - soak • sprout • steam • dry • roast • mill - neutralizes the digestive discomfort caused by beans and improves protein bio-availability & absorption. You can rest assured you don't consume any harmful chemicals from Garu, which usually result from industrial protein extraction processes. Say good bye to bloating and chalky taste. 

  • HEALTH SMART superfood helps reduce heart disease and lower blood cholesterol, prevent iron deficiency & increase transport oxygen throughout the body, supports healthy gut and immunity. 

100% whole food only, nothing has taken away and nothing has added to the wholesome ingredients.