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why GARU

Premium whole food ingredients

Our seed protein shake is exclusively made with real, whole food ingredients, ethically sourced from small farms who believe in sustainable farming. We don't use any extracts or isolates as synthetic, isolated nutrients simply aren’t as effective in your body, because they lack the complex structures of all-natural, whole foods, which combine enzymes, co-enzymes, activators and other factors that enable the nutrients to be absorbed, digested and utilized by your body. Say hello to non-bloating, delicious clean protein shake.

Our ingredients are naturally vegan and gluten-free, and we make sure all are non GMO and certified origin.


Unique Processing and blending

Our processing is so unique and natural that with only air, heat and water, we eliminate anti-nutritional issues of beans, our main protein source, and maximize protein and nutrients to improve digestibility and absorption with no bloating or flatulence. You can rest assured you don't consume any harmful chemicals from our seed protein shake, usually resulted from protein isolating process in the industry.

Through our whole food blending method, Garu gives you clean nutrients vital to your healthy life. You get all essential amino acids, complex carbohydrates, omega 3, fibre, iron, vitamins B & K and minerals such as phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper, calcium and zinc.



Pulse, our main protein source is the most sustainable protein, and we take this matter seriously.

Pulse is the cleanest protein with the lowest foot print in both carbon and water. To produce 1 kg of beef, we need 43 times more water. Same with co2 emission in producing 1 kg of protein, beef emits almost 20 times more co2 than pulse. It also fixes and improves soil quality by taking nitrogen in the air and feed soil microbes through its roots and makes soil healthier.

Pulse is good for the earth, and also good for our health too. Its health benefits are proven in many areas, and specially in cardiovascular health, cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes.*