Why can't these "engineered plant-based isolate protein powder supplements" be "powdered food made from whole plant" with similar nutritional benefits if not better?


Stephen, one of the founders of Garufood Inc., has been very active in high level competitions throughout his life such as cycling, tennis, swimming and running etc, and the idea of GARU whole food Organic Protein Blend began in 2016 when Stephen asked Kris the question.


Kris mentioned to him that she grew up drinking mixed plant and grain shake her mom used to make for her in busy mornings as replacement of breakfast, which was made of whole foods. Kris' academic side of her came out at that point and further researched the ideal whole food blends and combinations that can substitute various supplements that Stephen was taking. We then decided to explore more a product to help feed us healthily and sustainably on the go and for the variety of activities we enjoy. We tested and tasted many powders and visited various manufactures that can understand our concept. In the end, we discovered a blend made from the whole seeds and plants that is contract cultivated, certified origin, made-to-order and processed with 4th generation know-how. We feel good about the premium ingredients used in GARU and even better knowing where it's from and who grows it.

So Garufood Inc., was incorporated in Vancouver Canada in August 2017, to pursue convenient, sustainable and healthy nutrition made of real food, and first introduced Garu Black to Vancouver community in April 2018. Since launching Garu Black, we have dedicated tons of our time in educating customers and our very health-oriented Vancouver community about the differences between our product and other protein powders in the current market, and sharing our knowledge on the benefits of consuming whole food as opposed to fractionated foods.

Garu means powder in Korean, but our product means more than that. Behind this simple form of powder, we poured a lot of thoughts and considerations in for our environment and health. We are committed to selecting the most sustainable protein sources on earth, ethically sourced and processed using only heat and water for improved nutrition, absorption and digestibility and package to minimize food waste and ecological footprint.

We hope this delicious and nourishing combination of super nutrient-dense whole plant ingredients help you with maintaining your healthy lifestyle.